Bulk Submit/Cancel Documents from List View


It’s common practice in business environments to review documents (Expense Claims, Journal Vouchers, Orders etc) in batches for approval. It would greatly help to have a Bulk Submit feature for scenarios like this. There is already a feature to Delete documents in bulk from the List View. Any reason why Submit and Cancel features can’t be added as well?

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I’d suggest adding as a github issue

I think this issue already exists :slight_smile:


mmm not many likes on +1’s on that issue :slight_smile:

maybe throw in a bounty, buy someone a coffee?

Bump for this feature.

Batch approval functionality. Wherein approver has the option to view a list of records for approval in a table summary, checkbox functionality, and drill down to each record on an as needed basis, and click a button that approves all those selected in the check box.

On a ux perspective, approver should have the ability to approve 100 records through the check box summary data presented without the need to open each record one by one.

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I see the issue in Github is closed, it was added already?
Bulk submit seems a must for an ERP…

The issue is still open…