Bulk supplier invoice payments

Hi All, Currently reviewing and doing intensive testing of ERPNext (v13) (started last week)

One crucial feature that I cant figure out is to create bulk payments to suppliers.
Ideally we have a doctype that can fetch all outstanding suppliers invoices where when its submitted it will close the invoices (marked as paid) and can produce a payment report in csv format (where the payment report can be manipulated by user to comply to their bank requirement for bulk payment upload)

I have explored payment entry, payment request and payment order and can’t seem to answer this. I’ve also explored this forum but can’t find something specific on this topic

This feature is crucial for companies that pays many invoices on weekly basis (50+)

note: I’ve tested the user/profile control & purchasing cycle (material request-purchase order-purchase receipt-purchase invoice) very impressed so far.

Thanks in advance from Australia

Yes, this sure is an interesting feature to be added to core. We made this feature on a customers request, however due to lack of documentation; we couldn’t send a PR.

Thanks Asoral, I was kind of hoping there is some kind of workaround i.e data import on payment entry and data export once submitted or along the lines of modifying the payment entry doctype and move the supplier details (party details & party bank account" from the “payment from/to” section to " reference section" like below (edit: upload correct image)

can you share the code or the repository, or simply the basic logic? thanks.