Bulk Update: Forego Limit [ERPNext v.10]

Hello Everyone

I have a Database in ERPNext with about 30’000 items.
Now I need to set a default expense account for each of them, so I was directed to use the Bulk update.
However, I can not seem to get past the set limit of 500 entries per update, despite being able to enter a number on my own.

After that I get the message that 500 entries have been updated successfully.

Help would be much appreciated
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We also have had similar issues. A reliable solution is using a Rest API client and updating records via a automated script.
A good Rest API client has been created by Frappe Technologies here: GitHub - frappe/frappe-client: Python library to use Frappe API
You have to know little bit of python to get things going.

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I have some basic python knowledge, but have not yet used Rest API.
I’ll keep your solution in mind.