Bulk update Re-Order Level and quantity

We are trying to update records using the import tool. We only want to update re-order level and reorder quantity but when we import the new file it gives us a warehouse error that it cant find “Stores” which we have tripled checked does exist and spelling is 100%. Please help

Did you add value to the field Check in (group)? It has to be a group warehouse like All Warehouses and the value in Request for will be Stores
If these values are correct, post some screenshots to figure out what the problem might be

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It says Value of Stores is missing for warehouse but we have a warehouse called stores As you can see we are trying to update “Conn-HDR-FEM…”

Difficult to figure out what the issue is from these screenshots.
Is the error thrown for the rows that are empty? Difficult to tell from these screenshots.

Please give the old tool a try and see if the issue persists.