Bulk Upload/Add Sales Order Item

While creating a new Sales order we have options of Add New Row and Add Multiple Rows. Wanted to inquire whether there is any way to import this list using a csv file with item number and the qty. The reason I ask is because we have our selling list generated in an Excel or PDF from where someone is feeding the items one by one. Each order has atleast 50 to 100 items and is taking a very long time.
It would really help if there is a upload from template feature here as well as in the Purchase order screen too,


Import data using “Data Import tool” from there you can select type as :- sales order/sales invoice/Purchase order
Download Blank Template
Fill data into csv and
Import it


Though I am aware of that solution it cannot be used as we would have to give admin access to the user inorder to do so. Want a solution where a user with restricted access can so the same for only the orders he/she is creating.
The setup functionality is an admin functionality which we would not like all users to have. But while creating Sales order we would like then to have another option to import items from a csv files into the sales order instead of doing a manual entry for each item.

The stock reconciliation Screen has a similar functionality where there is a Download/Upload feature. Something similar in Sales order would really help in quick processing of sales order.

There is no such download and upload button on sales order same as Stock Reconciliation.
But On sales Order List view->Menu->Import option is available.(if that use have permission to import it)then he can see that option and it will redirect to “data import tool”

Could this be a feature worth considering for future releases. Do let me know if there are any plans of introducing such a feature in future.
As mentioned before the person doing import though setup has to be extra carefull else they can mess up a lot of data, whereas this requirement is for data entry where it will be usefull on a daily basis.

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This sounds like a good idea - you should add it to GitHub.

Based on the suggestion by Ben have added this to Github Github Issue 5570

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Hi there, @gtejasvi

This seems to me like a natural way to evolve the list forms… Probably biased by my regular use scenario, I suppose… I +1ed your Github Issue, as well as presented our most common use case there, that would greatly benefit from this functionality.

Let’s hope more users see this and share our thoughts, so as to get more traction :+1: