Burn down chart in erpnext

I want to implement burn down chart in erpnext. is it possible in the case of projects? Please help me

What ideas have you to contribute and what help do you require?

This may help those not familiar with the terminology:


A burn down chart is a graphical representation of work left to do versus time. The outstanding work (or backlog) is often on the vertical axis, with time along the horizontal. That is, it is a run chart of outstanding work. It is useful for predicting when all of the work will be completed.

This is essentially an extension of the gantt chart but displays the data a bit differently. It is an interesting view of a project, but not as common yet in project management systems. I am not so sure it is a good predictor of a project completion time because there are always tasks that take much longer than expected and they always seem to be the ones that everyone assumed would be the easiest. Those tasks tend to deform the chart and upset any approximated curve it was supposed to reveal.

It does not yet exist in ERPNext but you might get someone to take it up as a project with a bounty offer.



Here’s an example burn down chart implemented for a tool used in software development context Working with Backlogs

The bottom of the page notes other products like Asana, Jira, Basecamp etc