Burndown Solution for Projects

Trying to set up a custom script for ERP next to do 2 things in the Project Document.

Created a custom field call “Support Hours” as a Float

  1. Set the value of “Support Hours” from the total quantity of “Support Hours” sold to this specific project. (I’ve tried tracking this by creating a stock service item of Support Hours and have been trying to get the quantity from the child table within the delivery notices)

  2. Then subtract billed time-sheet hours with the same Support Hours and project code to have a remaining value listed in the project document.

It seems relatively straight forward, I don’t have a Javascript background so I’ve been trying to piece together how to call these values.

Check this link https://erpnext.org/docs/user/manual/en/customize-erpnext/custom-scripts/custom-script-examples

I’ve been looking through there I"m more of having a challenge getting a single value from a child table. So the qty of a certain item code.