Business Domain Discussions

A bunch of us feel that there are I think that we have too many technologists in the community and not enough people that can look at the business and people angle of an ERP implementation.

An ERP/ERPNext implementation especially in a country like India (I suspect citizens of every country will pretty much say the same thing about their country) is not just a systems solution, but has to take into account the complex interplay between systems, people and organization requirements.

Our objective is to get people - developers, techies and geeks to also consider the business angle.

To kick off these discussions the first topic is Offline POS.

We have formed a Telegram Group as the medium seems to foster more spontaneity and people seem to participate more on a chat medium such as Telegram or WhatsApp.

Here’s the link to the Telegram group:

If you are not into Telegram, this is a good opportunity to get onto it. If you are dead against Telegram, fret not. The summary of discussions will be posted here periodically.

We wish to thrash out a business topic every week.

We can even schedule a time when we just decide on the topic and we schedule a date and time and kick off discussions on the topic, just so that it does not become a (very) opinionated viewpoint of one person and as a group we collectively evolve view points on the subject

We hope you will find the discussions here helpful and fruitful. If you have inputs and suggestions, we are all ears.