Button to redirect to URL outside of ERPNext

I have a button in customer to redirect to a url outside of erpnext. However when I click the button, it adds my url link to the end of my erpnext url in the address bar.
So it is trying to redirect to
(ipaddress/desk#/the url outside of erpnext)
I understand this is because usually the button would redirect to another doctype within erpnext. But I am trying to open up a website in a new tab outside of erpnext when the button is clicked. Any ideas? Thanks

Currently using

frappe.ui.form.on("Customer", "check_dot_status", 
function(frm) {
frappe.set_route('**URL here**')

You can try this:

frappe.ui.form.on("Customer", "check_dot_status",
    function () {
        window.open("www.google.com", "_blank")
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This works! Thank you!
I would like to take it one step further and add a field value to the url link if possible.
So for example something like —
So that the link is specific to each customer and links to their specific profile on our website.
Do you know if this is possible??

Found the solution. Used the field value as var then used (“google.com/examplepath/profile=” + var).
Only problem is page needs to be refreshed each time before clicking the button