Button to remove search filter in list


I think there should be a button to remove all search filters in list mode. As of now, if we want to return to the full list after searching for something we need to eras manually the search string(s) in the input box on top of the list. It would be very handy to have a button that would do that (clear input boxes and refresh the list).




yes indeed +1 from me

I fully support this!

we often observe that a list view has a filter value from a previous action, e.g. restricted on a specific Sales Order (e.g. SO-00005) or so. In order to see the full list again, one has to remove the value from the filter field and click refresh.

Proposal: add a button in the filter area right, something like

Should we raise a frappe feature request/pull request?

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I just did: Button to remove search filter in list · Issue #12125 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


Hi all,

what happened to this PR? It seems like it got closed without being merged…?