Buying from sundry seller and updating stock


When we buy materials from retail shops and hence don’t need to create purchase invoices to specific suppliers, what would be the best way to make entries in ERPNext? Should we have a generic supplier for this?

I will need the stock and accounts to be updated with the materials and their costs.


  1. If you just want get stock in irrespective of supplier you can make stock entry with type as Receipt
  2. If you want to Update stock and accounts against supplier Purchase Invoice with update stock would be good option
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In (1), should I make a separate consolidated journal entry for the money paid for the goods? Which account would I debit to?

Also, is there any downside to having a generic/sundry supplier on the system for all such purchases?

Thank you.

Any thoughts please?

Is it accepted accounting practice to maintain one generic supplier to cover all generic purchases that need to impact stock?

Is it Cash or Credit Purchase?
If it is Cash Purchase then you can create “Cash Supplier” under Supplier and book all cash purchase transactions against it. A Purchase Invoice is required with update stock in such case.

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As @sanjay said, We also follow the same practice, and it is the standard and appropriate way to do it.

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