Buying Furniture for different departments

Any suggestions on how should I go about the following scenario:

Purchase invoice received from Supplier as follows:

  1. Office Desk Exec 4x6 Qty= 6 @ 5000/- each. Total 30,000/-
  2. Office Desk Reg 3x5 Qty=2 @ 4000/- each. Total 8,000/-
  3. Office Chairs Exec Qty=24 @ 5000/- each. Total 120,000/-
  4. Office Chairs Reg Qty=8 @ 2500/- each. Total 20,000/-

Invoice total= 178,000/-

Office Desk/Chair Exec will be going to 4 different departments to 6 people. And Desk/Chair Reg will be going to 2 different departments to 2 people.

How should I create Dimensions and tag each desk and chair with an Asset number so we can track the asset? The supplier has given only ONE INVOICE.

I hope I have conveyed the problem statement properly.

Location field in the line item should be possible to use. After the assets are created, you can always relocated it to the correct dept.

Moving the asset to the right department does not always help distribute the furniture to the offices by different addresses

In ERPNEXT you can’t have child table of a child table.
Yout PO has a header, lines, but no disttibution.
Line and dimension relation is one to one, unless you keep writing in a text field all story, I mean dept name, emplyee name and so on, it’s unstructured data in this case.
Other option to make new doctype for distribution, heder is po-line number, and child table will be dept name, employee name etc.
Hope I give some help to you

Nmami, thank you for your help. I guess I’ll create a separate doctype. It may be more comfortable to use it, I hope. We’ve bought about 30 chairs on, so it’s gonna be a real journey managing those “assets,” you know. Anyway, I hope I won’t get into the same trouble next time. By the way, what chairs have you bought? I wonder what furniture other companies buy for their offices. We mostly have IKEA and Eureka Ergonomic furniture. Let me know what furniture you have.

Hi guys. We’re probably the only company whose office is about to occupy a huge part of a garden. So, basically, we want our programmers and designers to have an opportunity to work outside. We’re currently looking for the right furniture to choose. We’d be really grateful for your advice/recs. Thanks in advance.

Hey. Newbie here, but I’ll try to help you. As far as I know, rattan furniture is a fantastic option for outdoor work spaces because it’s tough and can handle all the elements. Plus, it looks cool and is super comfy. I know Garden Centre Shopping sell such furniture, just came across their website a few days ago. Another thing you might wanna check out is outdoor wicker furniture. It’s also quite durable and comfy. So, hope you find the perfect furniture that suits your team’s needs and makes their outdoor workspace even better.

You can create dimensions for different departments and then assign each desk and chair an asset number within those dimensions to track the assets efficiently. This way, you can easily keep tabs on where everything is allocated. And since you’ve got one invoice, you might want to create subcategories or tags for the Executive and Regular items to distinguish them.

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