Buying goods without creating associated supplier/items


our company is looking into ERPNext to replace our current homemade ERP solution.

One of our key functionnality is to be able to buy all kinds of supplies from the ERP, both components (items for production) and “generic” items (for all employees : office supplies, project-specific items etc…).
Do we need to create an item and its associated supplier for every purchase?

For example, if an employee needs to order a book from an online library, do I need to create the item (book) and supplier even though we’ll never use these items/supplier again?
Can’t we create “on the fly” orders for one time items?
Our company has hundreds of such orders and I can’t see myself creating a new supplier+item for every new order.

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I think you can create on the fly Item once and use it every time you want to create such order
In order item description you can add some additional info about the product if you need.

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I think this is one of the beauty of ERPNext.
To answer your question:

  • You do need to have the item listed in EPNext (in Item doctype) to create any document.
  • But you don’t need to make the item list beforehand.
  • Just create a new PO, when filling the item, if the item is not previously listed, click the create new item and make the item. After saving the item it will directly go back to the new PO with that item in the form. Finish the PO and save.
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