Buying item without Purchase Invoice (purchase directly with cash/bank)

Can I buy item without creating Purchase Invoice in advance?

Hi @ahmadmusair,

For that, please create a Stock Entry.

Please check it.

After then checking in item stock.

Thank You!

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Thanks @NCP for helping.

What about fund source, how can I choose the source of money that is used to buy the item, where I select a cash or bank account, I don’t see such options in the form.

Do I need to make separate entry, first create stock entry (material receipt) to update stock, then create journal entry to update the account of chart?

If you are getting an invoice/receipt from the supplier - even if you have paid from cash/bank, then try creating a purchase receipt.
That way, you can generate outstanding against that supplier and then make payment entries against it.

Alternatively, if you do not have any supplier, then making a cash purchase using a material receipt will be a good option as @NCP suggested.

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Okay, I’ll try it, thanks