Buying new laptop for Frappe / ERPNext Dev


I am looking for a new laptop to replace my gen4 intel corei5 laptop.

I am doing ERPNext implementation and develpment/coding (sometime game also … =))

I have sometimes thinking to buy mac air m1 but worried might have trouble with it, since one of my friend having difficulies installing erpnext on mac and also limitation on hardware update (hdd, sdd , ram). On the other hand I heard that mac is best for development (is it true?). Would it be better to buy a regular/windows laptop (installing ubuntu on it later) ?
Please advice

Thank you in advance

I use an M1 Mac - its amazing - you have to run it in x86 emulation mode (not sure if packages are available for ARM mode)


I have used regular laptop with Ubuntu as well as Mac for development. Mac is way better than other machines for development.

I have been using Mac Air M1 for erpnext development from the last 3 months and it is working great.


Thank you for your info
I still have many things to consider, but that will be out of our ERPNext topic.
Nice to hear that the m1 chip can work with erpnext

Thanks again.

Mac is best for frappe/erpnext. I use both an M1 Mac and a 2015 Macbook Pro and everything works flawlessly if you know how to install and manage services

It’s been a very long time but, considering your needs, a high-performance Windows laptop that you can later install Ubuntu on seems like a more versatile choice. It would offer you the flexibility to upgrade hardware as needed and avoid potential compatibility issues. When looking for laptops, focusing on specs that cater to developers as well as creatives can be beneficial.

According to Hickman Design’s recommendations for laptops for creatives, you should prioritize a powerful processor, ample RAM (16GB or more), and substantial SSD storage. These features not only support creative software but also ensure smooth development environments and the ability to multitask efficiently.