Buying Price List Item Price in Supplier Currency


I am new to ERPNext, must admit its a very good solution that I am to implement for a small business.

I have a small problem while creating a buying Price List. The supplier currency is EUR which is different than our local currency. I created the price list and specified EUR as the price list currency and Italy as a country. However, when I try to add an item to the price list I can’t change the item price currency to EUR, its preselected as my local currency. Appreciate if you can guide me on how to resolve this issue as we get a price list in EUR from the supplier to be used for our orders.


-While creating “Price List” select Currency as “EUR” and save form.
-In “Item Price” → Select that Price list
Automatically “EUR” will be fetch ,select Item code and Rate and save form

On Purchase Order/Invoice form,Select that “price list” and add Item code
then check.