Buying Price List Update based on Supplier Quotation

If i am using Standard Buying Price List or if i I create PriceList name “SQ Price List”,

In both cases when i enter price for any item in “Supplier Quotation” against a Price List, if there is no previous price entry for that item in the price-list, it will create item price entry in the price list.

In future, if i enter new price for the same item from the same/different supplier the item rate in the item price list is not getting updated.

Shouldn’t that happen ? if no, what is the logic behind it ?

if No, can we have field in Price list :

  1. Auto update based on Doctype (Select from Supplier Quotation / Purchase Order/ Purchase Invoice)

e.g. I have an item “Mouse -Logitech” , if i bought at INR 200 from Supplier A , after a week i got quotation from Supplier A/B INR 190 , in that case, the buying price of that item should get updated in the buying price list.

The above feature/exercise will help in updating BOM Costing based on a particular price list.

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You can disable auto-creation of Pricing Rule from:

Stock Settings > Setup > Stock Settings

Uncheck field “Auto insert Price List rate if missing”.

Hi @umair,

Actually i want to enable auto-update of the price list based on the item price entered in supplier quotation.

For now, there is no option to define specific transaction to auto-create item price record.

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