Buying Pricing rule on Transaction also applying incorrectly for Selling

Buying Pricing Rule was created to apply for a Transaction and for a specific Supplier group => discount percentage on Net total
However noticed that its applying for customer Quotations and Sales order as well, even though its a pricing rule created for Buying, not selling.
anyone encountered this bug and is it being addressed?


I was not able to replicate this in the latest version. which version are you using?

I created a buying pricing rule. And the discount set was applicable in the Purchase Order to only that specific Supplier and Item code which was mentioned in the Pricing Rule.

Can you check If the Selling checkbox is also checked? Also check if there is any other pricing rule set for the same item for selling.

version is 12.6
Only Buying is checked
Pricing rule is applicable on Transaction and for a supplier group is selected.

This works fine for purchases
but its also applying for sales order and quotations which are selling transactions.

I tried replicating the same set up as shown in the screenshot. However, the discount was only applied to the supplier. Can you please check if there are any other pricing rules created in the system? Also, try updating your account to the latest version.

Thanks works fine after update to latest version