Buying with supplied raw materials

Have a question - When i buying with supplied raw materials.
Receives product - have batch no.
Supplied raw materials - haven’t batch no.

When i try approve(or save) receiving a receipt - for all raw materials erpnext set some batch no.
And i not may approved document. Always have mistake it not may have batch no. - But i don’t may delete it.
I try but when asve - erpnext set it again.

could you please post a screencast of various stages to understand this better. thanks.

On pictures Purchase Receipt product product_with_batch_no

BOM product_with_batch_no (have batch_no):
product_wo_batch_no_1 (haven’t batch_no)
product_wo_batch_no_2 (haven’t batch_no)

When i save document - on raw product erpnext auto set batch_no - see on picture 2.
When i Try approve: receive

Product product_wo_batch_no_2 not may be batch_no

For better view i insert batch_no to watch table