Caching issue in child table on remove

I have 2 child table in doctype child_table_1 & child_table_2. On remove event of child_table_2 the rows of child_table_1 shows blank in grid view. However when we open the row of child_table_1, we can see the actual values of that row.

We can’t see the value in grid view even the values are exist there.

Anyone can help to resolve.!

Share code samples and screenshots to get better help.

(1) Followings are the 2 child tables

(2) Now I am going to delete the rows of second child table

(3) I have clicked the delete button but the Lot Number field will disappear from first row of first table.

(4) We think that the value is removed, but it’s not removed actually. We can see it after opening that row. It’s just removed from the grid view cache.

Did you write any Custom Form Scripts for the child table? If yes, you just need to call frm.refresh() after whatever operations you perform.

No, I have not write any custom script on remove click of second child table. However I have tried to write the frm.refresh() on remove click of 2nd table assuming it will show value in grid view again but it can not.

Hello @nishith,

You can tried child table applied remove action and after that used refresh_field.

Refer the below code :

frappe.ui.form.on(“Fee Charges Master”, “fee_amount_remove”, function(frm, cdt, cdn) {


Hello @Solufy I have already tried this but it can’t help me.

Hi @nishith i’m have a same problem. The exact problem as yours.
Although my Frappe Version is v12.0.12, yet the problem still occurs.

Fortunately i have been solved this issue by separating child doctype by section break.
Hope it works for you too :pray:.