Caendar and Outlook / Calendar Integration / Sync


Is there a way to have an integration between the calendar on ERP and the Calendar on Outlook / Exchange / Office 365 calendar?

This is so when creating an entry on the ERP calendar it updates on your local email client or calendar.

Same with Tasks - if a task is assigned, can this be added or downloaded to a local client, ICAL, ICS, or some sort so you get a notification, etc…?

As it is it can be quite confusing for users, as there is a calendar and tasks on this system, which does not sync or link with the tasks or calendar that an office user might be using on a daily basis. Not ideal having to login to the system to see what tasks you have outstanding…

Happy to pay for an integration if that helps.!

Many Thanks


This feature is not available for now, but in our wish list. Please followup with us for this feature via following Github Issue.


Is there any update about this? Is it possible to integrate Outlook mail/calendar in ERPNext?

Can you provide more information?

Thanks in advance,


i´m searching for MS365 calender sync solution too

Any updates on this?