Calculate Depreciation

hi …
How I can Calculate Depreciation When we buy assets in the middle of the year when we select the straight line method and why we can’t find the Depreciation rate

asset cost is 2000 $ i bought in 01/07/2016 that main Is Existing Asset so when i select straight line method and Total Number of Depreciation is 5 years i think the correct Depreciation Schedule be like this:
31-12-2016 200 $
31-12-2017 400 $
31-12-2018 400 $
31-12-2019 400 $
31-12-2020 400 $
31-12-2021 200 $
The question is whether it is supported Total Number of Depreciation is 5 years or 6 years

Please enter the “Available in-use date” in the Asset so that the depreciation can be calculated…

i tried to do it but i don’t do well , Can you help me and try the example above on the system and take cut screen.