Calculate hourly earning

We’ve started with implementation of ERPNext in our factory and need to setup Salary Structure for hourly workers.
I have it set on “Salary Slip Based on Timesheet”
How do I get the Earning to automatically calculate salary from hours in timesheet?
What does the Formula need to be?
How do I multiply the hour Rate with the hours worked?

As it is now - setup as from the example in the manual - employee get’s paid only 10% of hourly rate

Any help will be appreciated

Please check the link, it has the scenario you are referring to

Thank you! Exactly what I wanted.

How do I handle overtime? Do I create a separate timesheet for that or can it continue on same timesheet?
Do I set the condition for the calculation of overtime then as hours_worked > 180 for instance?

It depends, if your rate for overtime is same of different. If same, then you can use the same timesheet as well I would assume.