Calculate Rate from Amount?

Is there a way to calculate Rate from Amount and Qty (Rate= Amount / Qty) in Purchase order / Purchase receipt / Sales invoice.

For example I have an invoice of 1000 labels for the price of 204.34$
1000 qty * 0.20 = 200$ (it’s the closest I can get) but I want my purchase to match the real invoice.
Plus I want to stick with 2 digit in currency for accounting reasons.

I am on the cloud.

Thank you.

Is there someone that can help me?


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We have the same requirement, were you able to get this to work?

What I did is I customized these forms : Purchase & sale order items / Purchase & sale invoice items / purchase receipt item, and I changed the value field for rate precision to 6 digits. The amount stays at 2 digits and it works.

We have managed to solve it with a bit of programming and get precisely the functionality we needed. Here’s the link.

Nonetheless, thank you for your response. :slight_smile: