Calculate salary based on shift attendance

I have 3 shift type, Morning, Night, and Full Day, which rotate between employees.
The problem each shift has different salary, let say shift Morning get paid $1, Night $2 and Full Day $4.
At the end of the month we must calculate for each employee how much he get Morning shift, Night shift, and Full Day shift. Example: for 30 days employee A get 18 Morning shift, 8 Night shift, and 4 Full Day shift, so the calculation will be (18 x $1) + (8 x $2) + (4 x $4) = $50
how to calculate it on ERPNext?

You can track this through timesheets and then calculate salary. Kindly refer the following link:


Currently, in ERPNext we do not have the feature to calculate multiple rates for an employee. Even if you choose timesheets as an option, it will not help with multiple rates, only for one rate mentioned in the salary structure.

Other workaround would be calculate one rate via timesheet and other two rates you will have to manually calculate and use additional salary feature. But I would not recommend this as it is not feasible and too hectic.