Calculate tax on an item via the api

Hello Team ERPNEXT,

Am using the rest api to post an invoice from my pos application. Is here an example you could share on how to calculate the tax per line item on invoice.

	"naming_series": "SINV-",
	"customer": "t",
	"due_date": "2017-04-15",
	"items": [{
		"item_code": "PHone",
		"item_name": "PHone",
		"description": "PHone",
		"qty": 1,
		"rate": 10000,
		"income_account": "Sales - T",
		"cost_center": "Main - T"
	"taxes": [{
		"charge_type": "On Net Total",
		"account_head": "VAT 14% - T",
		"description": "VAT 14%",
		"rate": 14

Thanks for your feedback, however, that will add tax to all items on the invoice even if the item is not taxable. In the tax section i set the tax rate to 0 to prevent the system from taxing all items even if it is non taxable. That worked fine when doing invoice in ERPNEXT but when upload via the API it does not apply any tax.

Any update on this?

This now fix
To calculate for line item you must populate the item_tax_rate with {“VAT - ABC”: 16.5} in the item detail (tbl Sales Item) table for each item.