Calculate tax on base currency net

On purchase invoices in foreign currency, the taxes get calculated: (currency net x tax rate) x exchange rate .

e.g. 32.79 x 25% = 8.20 then 8.20 x 7.591 = 62.25

This is quite often different to what we need to pay to the government: base net x tax rate .

e.g. 32.79 x 7.591 = 248.91 then 248.91x25%= 62.23

How can I fix this quickly to always calculate taxes based on net in base currency?

There is little else a government official would rather do than pester about decimal places :frowning:


Taxes shown in the Sales Invoice in the Customer’s Currency is for their reference. In the backend, General Ledger posting of tax will happen in your base currency only.