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Hi all,

I am wondering if there is a way to auto calculate how much time off (vacation) an employee has earned? I am thinking a custom report is the best way to do this, though figured i’d ask the community first.

I am currently doing it in a spreadsheet and can explain the login below:
We give each employee 10 days vacation/year. 10/12=.83 which is how many days they earn per month.

In my spreadsheet i have their name, start date and then a formula to calculate how many days between the start date and todays date =Today() then multiply it by .83 and then another cell to round up in favor to the employee. next to that i can add how many days they have taken so far and get a total for how many days they have left(screenshot below) Column K - End of Time is where I save today’s date to query again

What i’d like to do is remove the spreadsheet and have this calculated in ERPNext. Would a custom report be best to query the Employee/start date, then have it make the same calculation to todays date and save it to their allocated time off?

Any feedback would be great as i’d like to start customizing ERPNext to our needs. would probably be a good starting point yeah?

Thank you!

Looks like the way to do this is to use the Leave Allocation tool at the end of every month and allocate 1 day across all employees. The system wont let you allocate 0.83 of a day… it has to be 0.5 or 1 day. So, at the end of March, go into the leave allocation tool, select dates from March 1, 2016 to March 31, 2016, make sure to check off “carry forward” and allocate 1 day for that month across all employees.

Mike Krol

Hmm I see your point, even if it doesn’t automatically allocate the days earned, generating a report for one of our admins to quickly see would be helpful.

If I get some time this weekend i’ll try playing with the reports and will post my findings so others can benefit.

Its tricky in my case since we have people in the US (10 days/year), then people in India on their own vacation accrual system, and now working with Poland who is also on their own system. With this, It’s not just a flat 10/year across the company, but dependant on location and contract type :smiley:

Thanks for your input though, much appreciated!

oh cool,
what company are you with?