Calculated Pricelist for Printindustry

Hi, I am new and a no-programmer guy.
I would like to ask if it is possible to create pricelists, that are calculatet.
We are a printing company and are looking for a new software that allows us
to make individual offers that have to be calculated and also we want to offer defined products (like a business-card, printed on one side in 4 colours).

For that I think I have to build a workflow with workplaces. that workplaces can produce different things like printing or cutting.
Adding Material … e.g…

Is there a posibility to do that,
or is there a workaround, whitepaper, whatever to test this kind of “Pricelist/Calculation”?

thanks a lot.

We did a similar solution for quotation preparation based on bom templates and sone formula… drop me an email on to schedule a demo if needed