Calculation of overtime and late in salary components

First, calculate the late
How is the employee’s total lateness brought up?

It is calculated as follows within the salary components

IF late_entry == True
in_time - start_time else ( start_time in Shift )

and get sum all late for employee

How is that done?

second overtime
Is added checkbox as late entry in attendance

If the selection was done manually on Overtime checkbox

Overtime is calculated

IF overtimecheck == True
out_time - exit_time else ( exit_time in Shift )

and get sum all overtime for employee

How is that done?


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How to get the total late from the attendance

Hi @Bait,

OT payment and late ‘check in’ deduction discussion has been there since 2017 and I still could not find a solution after reading almost all the discussion threads.

There are different alternatives like Timesheet feature under the Projects module which I find impractical in reality for the HR/ employee to update by looking at the attendance report.

There is anyway a Github development for OT which is yet to be tested by my team (link below).

This maybe the solution for OT but since this topic has being there for sometime now I believe its time that ERPNext teams should come up with a development to configure OT settings (like rates, eligibility etc.), capture OT hours, and capture late hours from late entry and early exit which should be ideally deducted from the monthly salary.

@Reema_Mehta @michelle