Calendar Need to block past dates

Hai in CRM Module we are using calendar

In this calendar past previous dates are showing.

Example:Today 22-12-2016 i need to block before 22-12-2016 dates but it is
showing, so that customer may choose 12-12-2016(past date).

How to block it.

Can you please elaborate with a screenshot of your requirement.

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Today date is 26-12-2016
My next contact date is 1-1-2017 but i have option to choose 1-12-2016
this should not be choosen by customer,so i need to block previous dates from current date.


You will need to right the custom script to validate the Next Contact Date. Validate the date on Next Contact Date field trigger.


frappe.ui.form.on("Lead", {
	next_contact_date: function(frm) {
		// validate date here

Thanks, Makarand

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