Calendar view for sales opportunity?

Hi all,

Is it possible to add in a calendar view (nothing to do with google calendar, can be jquery calendar) where I can populate active sales (green color), draft sales (orange color) and completed sales (blue color). Is that something can be added easily to erpnext? or do i have to build my own module to make this worked?

wonder i also reuse this too?

Thanks in advance.

Try going to Sales Order->Calendar (sidebar link).

Is this the kind of view you’re looking for?

yes, that’s the one.

actually i am building a custom module. How could I call that calendar view + populate my own date into it + color code it based on status?

Check the sales_order_calendar.js file in erpnext->selling->doctype->sales order, that should give a good example!

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I am wondering whether I can customise the calendar to look like this

and this

and this

I used odoo before and customising the calendar was a nightmare. How about erpnext?


The view isn’t customizable from the client side, but if there is a js calendar library you prefer, you could replace the standard one with it (with some work).

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@ericmachine88 What calendar app is that?

what kind of efforts to make such replacement?

i am thinking whether i should customise erpnext directly or build a headless + erpnext as backend.

@PeterDF found it at google :slight_smile:

It’s pretty easy to create a page that would hold the calendar, js + html + css, + python to get the data.

I bet you could disable the standard calendar (hide) and then add the page to Tools (or wherever you want it) for your own calendar. You can build it all in an app, js libraries go into a public folder and can be hooked into.

Use a file structure like below. Run bench build to essentially create a calendar.js file that goes into the site’s assets/js folder. If you need more help let me know!

----calendar ( your custom calendar app )
--------calendar (made for you)
------------calendar.js, calendar.json (made for you when you create a page in the browser), calendar.css (make yourself)
--------config (made for you)
--------public (make yourself)
----------build.json (see example in frappe public folder) (hook into 'assets/js/[name-defined-in-build.json])


Hello Alec, I want o add a custom js file. How i can do it. Please guide with complete steps.