Calender View shows all-day

An event with start and end datetime fileds, is shown as “all-day” activity on calendar view, while I have not checked [All Day] while creating the said view. Using Frappe / ErpNext 14 version.

Is it with all, or am I missing something?

H. S.Rai

If this is the same beahaviou, then a few of you (about) are requested to confirm it, to make me sure that I am not missing something. In that case it is also requested to express your view about acceptance of this behaviour.

Otherwise some pointer may be given to get the desired behaviour.

Got a response on telegram group:

It shows all day for everyone

This is strange.

Then how you all are using it?

Or is it so that this feature is not used by many?


Day view is not shown, only monthly views are shown.

Hi @hsrai:

Yes, this is a bug. Calendar views from doctype .js files are working well. This issue is only related to Calendar Views created from UI.

PR already raised to (try to) fix it.

Hope this helps.

I believe you changed following files:


I replaced these two files. Restared bench (do it need to re-build), but found that my issue is not resolved.

Hi @hsrai:

Just this one:

Added this conditional:

It’s working for me.

I am seeing:


The bug at: Calendar view created via UI ignores allDay property · Issue #23830 · frappe/frappe · GitHub does not address my issue, as I see.

My event was not “All day”. It was like 2 hour event, which is being shown as “All day”.

Hi @hsrai:

See this, it works well in my environment. This is for calendar view created with “Calendar view” doctype, but it’s working too for other calendars generated with .js file

With non-“All Day” configured.

With All Day.

If you are on development environment, try to restart your bench, clear-cache, etc …

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I did:

bench build
bench clear-cache
bench restart

and now it is working.

Thank you.