Call button to be placed next to telephone no. android app

I see that the app is very useful when you are travelling . the only feature it needs to be there is that we can directly link the phone app from there . i have seen on other android apps . this would reduce the time wastage of copying and pasting the no. from erpnext app to the phone app . this would surely help my business a lot

I think it’s a great idea. Maybe implement it via URI scheme with tel:? e.g. like in these examples: The Current State of Telephone Links

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but the modification has to be done in android app , so it will need to be updated by the team , otherwise we will not be able to use it

tried implementing the URI scheme .

from android app when tried it tries to open the link in the browser .

from web view , it opens perfectly directly taking me to the phone app with the no.
I suggest the ERPnext team to make this modification so that we can use this feature from android app too.


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