Call for developers

Hi all,

A lots of new developments since we moved to GitHub. In the last few
weeks, I have been reading more about unit-testing (I know its really
late) and finally realized that it is a must feature. Since there
is no point in adding test cases after the implementation is done, we
are taking this opportunity in re-writing the framework. Since we
will also rewrite erpnext using testcases, this will not be backward

To see what we are going to add see this Wiki page:

I know that at least a few people may be interested, hence sending
out the mail to the current list. (Hope always lives :slight_smile:

So how can you contribute? The good thing about TDD is that it
defines the APIs and I have gone ahead and written a few tests around
(35) out of which 20 odd fail. I have also included the sandbox
database on which we will run these tests. You need to clone the 1.8
branch and setup the db and “” and you should be able to run
the tests, then you can pick and fix the issues or write out new test

The target is to work completely on the server-side for the next few
weeks till we have cleaned up the entire API and written a few
hundred tests that pass.

Then the plan is to go to the client and start building it using the
new RESTful APIs… I am not anticipating a major change in the
functionalities but we may go in with a new client-side framework
(maybe SproutCore)

Expecting to release Alpha end of Sept and final by year end.

(Those interested in ERPNext rewrite, please send me a separate mail,
we are still in early design phase)


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