Call for the ERPNext Meetup in UAE


Thanks to ERPNext @foundation, we have been able to organize ERPNext community events in multiple countries. The latest one is the case study from Jakarta, Indonesia meetup + conference.

Over the period, ERPNext has received good traction from GCC countries like UAE and KSA, specially after VAT rollout. I believe a local ERPNext meetup/conference in UAE will help us boost the momentum, and take ERPNext to the next level globally.

Tagging active foundation members from the GCC region whom we request to collaborate for organizing ERPNext UAE meetup/conference.

@Sami_Tayara @Mohammed_Redha @ahmed_personal @Faraz @dineshbabunest @Mishal_Ali @konrad @sanjay.kumar

Feel free to take inputs from the super active Indonesia community on organizing. @tara_antonius @baliboss @hokgt

Let’s make it happen together, as a community!


Hello Everyone,

I had setup a Meetup in Dubai and organized 2 meetings that saw an increasing number of participants and it was useful. However a month ago I moved from Dubai to Muscat, Oman due to job requirements. I am looking for someone who is in Dubai and can take over the organization of the Meetups there.

I have copied Saeed Hashmi the director of Resource Factor a Dubai based ERPNext service provider who attended the second meetup to see if he is interested to take over this task or recommend someone.

Umair also you mentioned there are other parties you are discussing with in Dubai. Let us all collaborate.

Best regards,

Sami Tayara



Can I have a contact number of any member here in UAE? So that we can discuss few things.

I am leaving next week for KSA and will be back to UAE probably by the end of Feb.

By the grace of GOD, we will make it happen together!


Hi All,

Please be great to have an update in UAE chapter members had any word internally on this? Will be happy if someone wants to do it as a solo, like Newmatik did Germany conference.

Hi Umair,

I can see 1 gold partner from UAE. Tristart, are they willing to take the lead? if not, i guess as Mr. @Sami_Tayara mentioned, we have a good resource available in UAE. we can work with him to stream line Meetup in UAE.


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Thanks for becoming foundation member.

For now, no heads-up from Tristar. Will be great if you can check with members listed above and take a final call. Once we have organizing commiitee, you can propose the plan to ERPNext foundation and take it forward from there.

  1. Finalizing the dates
  2. Booking a venue
  3. Planning for sessions like code sprints / user talks / foundation member talks / functional discussions etc.
  4. Start taking registrations (for a fee).
  5. Arrangement at the venue (tables, projector, sound, power, live streaming etc.)
  6. Food and give-aways, if any.
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I was away for away, and I would like to support the UAE Chapter. My company can support as well if we understand what is required exactly. I am based in Abu Dhabi, and if I can meet with other ERPnext users in UAE in February then hopefully something can move.

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Hi @ahmed_personal,

is your company providing ERP Support?. if yes, then we have some other ERP users which we can coordinate to arrange a meetup.


Hi All,

We use ERPNext in our organisation. Currently I am travelling for two weeks, will be back in Dubai on 28th Feb. I would like to be part of the next meetup. Please count me in too.

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@umair I am not a foundation member, but can help / participate / lead to organize a conference like that in Jakarta. We could target one for April / May Perhaps. The venue can be one of the university halls in dubai. The rest just needs to be worked out.


@umair any udate
i need to join :innocent::v:

Thanks. But unfortunately, we didn’t have enough count of members who upfront showed interest in organizing the event. The idea is pretty much open. You are welcome to propose yourself and then we can bring it up in the ERPNext Foundation meeting.

Hi @umair, sorry for the late reply.
We can definitely participate and help to organize a conference in Dubai.

That’s great.

So now we can say that we have an organizing committee for a UAE conference. Can we expect one of you to join the next foundation call and make a proposal for the conference in UAE?

@revant_one @Basawaraj_Savalagi

Yes… I’ll coordinate with revant and all other memebers and finalize the plan…

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Best wishes for the upcoming meetup. Please check the following link for the event and venue details. Please also spread the word about it. Let’s make it an example for the ERPNext chapters in the world.