Calling Fields in Term and Conditions

I made the standard offer letter terms where I want to call the applicant name and the date, from the “Offer Letter Form”

Below is my terms and conditions.

Please sign the attached copy of this Letter as a token of acceptance of the terms and conditions embodied herein within 3 (Three) days after you receive the Letter.

I {{ applicant_name }} accept the above written conditions and will truly abide by them.

{{ applicant_name }},


Date: {{ offer_date }}

I have got these field name from “Customize Form” Module.

but when I use this terms and condition template and save the document, it is not showing me the name of the applicant and date.

Please let me know that what is wrong here?


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Replicating. Can you please create Github Issue for this?

Hi @umair

Thanks I have created the issue.


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Pushed a fix [minor] added get_terms methods to erpnext.utils so that it can be used in non transactional documents by mbauskar · Pull Request #9037 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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