Calling list of full names instead of employee code

All I want is employee name list and couldn’t really able to do it because each time I try, I get employee codes.

Here the system also uses employee code but next to it shows employee name. I couldnt able to produce similar result.

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Set filedname in Title Field

Thank you for helping. I guess I was unable to tell about the issue.

I have a field which is a link to employee. I want to get the names from there however, instead of names I get employee employee codes. ( For legal reasons we use employee codes and archive the data based on the code, which I am unable to abondon employee codes).

What I want is to get the names instead of the codes (or employee code with name). So that I can create other useful things for employees. Otherwise, 003 makes no sense to employees.

Currently, I do not use link and use data. I manually enter names there, so no benefit of using erp.

Have you resolve this issue? I have the same in another list. Shows the codes instead of full names


Yes I solved the issue. So I created an extra field called fullname or full_name which was linked to employee code.

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is this problem solved for you