Can "Account Codes" be added to the Accounting?

referring to this discussion about accounting in ERPNext.

I am aware that this is a maybe bigger project which is not to be completed over night (and the discussion mentioned above shows that the path is not clear yet completely) but I think one thing will be required for sure

Account Codes

Any way to add such as a “quick fix”. I am sure this will not be a waste of time because it’ll be required no matter how exactly the accounting is going to be enhanced and would add some real value right away

For now, you can rename the account with codes.

you mean putting the Code and the Name together in the Account Name field?

@vrms Yes

@nabinhait thanks.

From your perspective how long would it take to write the code for an independent account_code field?

I am asking because I would consider whether it was doable to hire someone to do that (because I assume the core team has other things on the schedule) and would you be open to pull such a PR into the main branch (whether it’s good & cleanly coded naturally) or doesn’t it make much sense to add just this account_code field?.

PR is always welcome :smile:

Estimating the time is difficult for me without giving enough thought.