Can anyone explain how to get POS working in v13 (beta13)? Am I missing something?


  • I setup a user with “Sales User” - “Account User” - “Stock User” roles so that POS transactions should work.

  • I defined all of the payment types to be used in POS transactions

  • I created a POS profile with all tables populated and added my users to the profile.

  • When I tried to open POS it generated an error about invalid customer currency (but I had not yet given the POS a customer to start a transaction).

  • I went closed POS and went to “POS settings”

This is where everything began to get very confusing. What exactly am I supposed to put in the POS settings. There is just a table there that seems to want POS fields to be selected and then possibly change their attributes? Is that right?

If so what exactly is this table expected to allow me to do?

  • Also, What are “POS Opening Entry” and “POS Closing Entry” ???
    How do I use these opening and closing entries?

Once I get these figured out, will POS then work?

The online manual doesn’t mention anything at all about POS


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In the PoS Profile did you nominate a default customer?

The table in PoS fields is not really been utilised anymore. It was a feature in the old PoS that am not sure was migrated into the new PoS. You should ignore it .

PoS Opening entries are automatically created by the system when a user opens PoS successfully for the first time in a trading day.

Note that when a cashier does transaction in PoS a temporary PoS invoice is created for each transaction instead of Sales Invoice. No stock or GL is impacted.

PoS closing entries are automatically generated when the user closes for the day. This also helps convert all PoS invoices to Sales Invoices. One Sales Invoice is created for each customer, so if a customer has more than one transaction for the day it becomes merged into one invoice. It is also at this point that inventory and GLs are impacted.

For many reasons I find the flow of the PoS in version 13 uncomfortable, that is why I stopped using it and focus fully on PoS Awesome.

Hope this helps


Hi Olamide,

How has PoS Awesome worked out for you? Anything to be aware of as you go about implementing PoS Awesome.

Does PoS Awesome do a good job with batch numbers, expiry dates and serial numbers.

POS v13 is a little flaky with Batch Number was what I noticed.



Hi Jay

Good to hear from you.

PoS Awesome has been…awesome.

Batch number management is perfect. It also has batch based pricing

Expiry management is also working well.

PoS Awesome also has scale management in built.

The good thing is the developer is open to adding more features as required.


Is there a way to get POS to go back to creating actual Sales Invoices that impact GL and Stock adjustments?!?

If I am selling Items from both a brick and mortar store as well as online, then I need those transactions to be LIVE!!! Otherwise I could get an online sale that requires me to ship a product that was sold out hours ago by the brick and mortar store. This would cause me to get very bad ratings online and would impact the online perception of my business.

People are ruthless and cruel when reviewing negative experiences online. Simply NOT being able to fill an order could be disastrous form my business just in negative reviews!

Please tell me there is a way to make POS transactions generate real sales invoices. Currently my v10 and v11 systems handle this very well.

I also have multiple stores in different parts of town. Using my current v10 nd v11 systems I can check other stores inventory for a customer if I do not have what they want in a particular store. This has been a powerful tool for keeping customers coming back most especially during the COVID crisis when many people just stay home and buy from Amazon.

There must be a way to do this in v13, right?


Does POS Awesome do live GL and stock adjustments?

If so, this would be an acceptable replacement for v13 POS.

If not, then it is really no better than any other offline system.

I need real online real time transactions. How do I get that from a POS function?


No, I did not. This was never a requirement in v10 and v11. I take advantage of the fact that it was not required to allow POS to be used by our wholesale team to sell bulk items right from the back of their truck. By not having a default customer the sales rep is required to select one before the transaction can get underway.

Do you mean to tell me that this is also now a requirement?

That would be devastating. POS was at one time such a great tool for outside sales reps because it simplified their work and kept them from making mistakes. If we must now have a default customer then we will suddenly get tons of sales to this default customer and have no way to assign them to the correct customer in the database. Sales reps are busy talking up the sale and the screen time is not their first point of attention. Mistakes will become the normal.


PoS Awesome does live GL and Stock Adjustments

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This is not a requirement. I am trying to figure out why you were getting the currency error message

Thank you!! I will start working on a test setup with POS Awesome right away.

In another thread someone replied that there is a bug in the software that seemed to check for the customer currency BEFORE a customer was assigned. Evidently deleting 2 lines of code will relieve some of the symptoms. Not sure if it is a real fix.

Thanks again!


Umm… what exactly did you mean by this? What is not a requirement… a default customer or were you referring to something else?


Default Customer.

And I really do think you should try out PoS Awesome. It has a very aggressive development path.

For example you can now do return for either cash or store credit on it, something that is not possible on V13 PoS. You can also decide to give change as cash or store credit.

This is apart from the smooth Serial number/Batch/Expiry and scale managment features explained above

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Sounds like the dev team for this were following all of our complaints from 3 years ago and making them into a separate package.

I trust your judgement on this You have been around for all of our past POS issues so I will be setting this up this week in our test lab. There are not very many folks on the forum here that could persuade me to jump on another project, but you are different.

Thanks Olamide.



I am flattered.

@youssef will be more flattered. He is the team lead for the development effort on this

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It turns out that the currency error is tied to a bug where the POS startup is trying to determine the Customer Currency type BEFORE there is a customer selected.

Your question regarding having pre-selected a default customer pretty much verified the bug issue.If you have a default customer defined in the POS profile, then the error does not occur. If there is not default customer then the POS startup gets ahead of itself and tries to determine the customer currency before you have a chance to select a customer and the currency error is the result. This error locks up the POS screen and you have to do a refresh in order to get back control of the screen.

It seems like every time I begin a major customer configuration I am bumping into problems with POS. Maybe it is time to switch to POS Awesome. I have been avoiding pulling in 3rd party apps, but the v13 POS just does not seem workable any longer.


I follow this conversation closely because we were looking forward for the first time to be able to use ERPNext POS, but between the limitations and what they did of dedicated invoices that merge at the end of the day we were left out of the game.

I also find it hard to understand that it was announced with a lot of emphasis, the interface is sublime, but then a parallel development (Pos Awesome) with many more logical functionalities moved faster, leaving us wondering if POS is important in an official way.

I remain puzzled whether we should start seeing POS awesome as well (no disrespect of course, we were just excited about this new POS oficial).