Can anyone help me on sales

Hi Guys,

Selling seems really hard for me to understand . what is the steps from beginning to end when selling a product. Theres so many steps and its so confusing


Refer this Concepts and Terms

From Lead make Customer for whom you want to make Quotation now or in future. From Customer make Quotation. You can also make Quotation by directly choosing Customer. Once customer approves make Sale Order from the respective quotation.

Then you can make Delivery Note and/or Sales Invoice. From Sales Invoice you can make Payment (full or in parts). That’s the basic cycle.

Hello, @CuriousPasserby please take a look at the below links to learn more about Selling module and kickstart you ERPNext journey:

Here’s a webinar on Selling (with emphasis on Distribution business): ERPNext for Distributors - YouTube

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