Can anyone tell me the business logic of new POS feature?

Previously we have an option, like when we select an item from pos, it’s input field will appear beside number pad for both offline and online state. But in current update input field will appear only in the offline version of pos.

Can’t we make the input fields visible in both offline and online version?

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I can replicate it as well. @rohit_w intentional change?

Hello Brother @umair the problem is, for offline pos we can’t use server side print format. And in js print format we don’t have doc name for printing invoice number. Though we have an offline pos name for numbering but it’s hard to maintain for a shop sales person. So in my openion in online pos we need two things.

  1. Price edit option in online pos
  2. Show current stock in online pos.


Option to edit Item Price/Rate is configurable from POS Profile.

Item’s stock balance is shown in the product listing itself, next the name, in brackets. Ensure that you have updated correct warehouse for the User in the POS Profile.

I knew this feature, but these features(price edit option and stock availability ) are available only in offline pos settings, but not in online pos. That you already mentioned in your last comment.

dear my pos is diffrent than this: