Can anyone tell me the difference between Email Domain and Email Account?

I am trying to set up Email Account and Email Domain but got stuck. Using Sparkpost as Email Domain.


Here is the account whereas is the domain.

In case of certain services like Gmail, Sparkpost, Yahoo, some details are preconfigured.

Instead of creating a new domain, in the email account, select Sparkpost as the email service and check if that works.

I have tried Sparkpost it works on Email Domain but while adding Email Account it’s not working. Can you guide through? @kennethsequeira

You don’t need to add a new domain. Just select it from Email Service as shown here:

The settings will be preloaded.

If you’ve tried these settings already, can you share what errors you’re facing? Will assist others as well in trying to help you out with the issue.

@kennethsequeira Can we have a meet if you are available to sort this issue?

We can help you to set up at no cost , connect in private

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