Can Auto Email Reports in ERPNext link back to individual elements?

I have set up an Auto Email Report in ERPNext. The Email is delivered correctly. But I would like to include a link back to the records in the list. In most cases you may want to do something with the records in the list. A direct link would allow that you can change a couple of values even with your phone on the go or swiftly from the email.

Is there a possibility to do that?

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I hope this helpful you...
I am using this in message field of email alert to back record.
<p>Material Requisition Form  <a href="{{ frappe.utils.get_url_to_form(doc.doctype, }}">{{ }}</a> is now Verified</P>

This would work with one single entry, right? But I want every element in the list (could be 5 or 25 or 100) to be linked. That isn’t possible, I fear. Right?

Hi @Martin_Seibert!

I’m wondering if my issue is similar to yours…?

We have an auto report email which successfully sends out the report.

The problem we see is that the links back to the line items on the report use the “default” link:

Essentially, a broken link for us.

Did you resolve your issue please?

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Setting the “Enable Automatic Linking in Documents” checkbox in email accounts sorted this issue for us.

More info in linking-emails-to-document

Now when we click on the (e.g.) PO link in the report in the email, we are taken to the correct PO in ERPNext