Can ERPNEXT auto reload pages to update changes

Can ERPNEXT auto reload pages to update changes because am having challenges when someone make changes in the system lets say price change and they don’t reload the page it means all other users will continue selling using old price

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Hello @francis1,

Maybe, it’s not possible because you worked on creating a new sales order, and then any user changes any master data like Item Price, Address, Contact, etc. when the page reloads then your sales order data will not appear.

So that case, you can use an internal chat to inform another user for price updatation.

Thank You!

but isnt there a way to set up auto refresh

Hi @francis1,

I don’t think to have an option in ERPNext.
But some options have in Manufacturing Module like Update/Set Cost in BOM.

Thank You!

And adding another answer, please check it has an option in listview for update doctype.
Maybe, it’s helpful to you.


For real-time updates, check out socketio.

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noted thanks