Can ERPNext Bill customer in multiple currency

l have seen an issue here my base currency is USD and my customer currency is USD but now l want to raise an invoice to my customer using GBP currency but its now saying l only use USD for this customer same applies if l create a customer and billed the customer in GBP currency l wont be able to do a sales invoice for that customer in USD however l am now creating two different customers with different currency name to solve the problem but is there any other solution

Should be introduced in version 14 i believe?

cc @Deepesh_Garg

ok thanks so currently multi currency is only working when you want to receive payments in different currency than that was invoiced in

In your case, I would also open a receivable (type: A/R) account in EUR, a holding bank account in EUR, and a new expense account (Currency loss)

Sales for which you are not immediately paid are recorded in the receivable account. The EUR is held in the holding account before it is converted.

“Post to” the receivable account when editing the invoice. Ensure that the payment is received and processed in your EUR holding account.

You’ll be transferring funds from the holding account to your regular Sales (Income, GBP) account when you convert the payment.

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