Can ERPNext handle very large data

We are trying to convince a company to leave their old proprietary ERP (which is built in PHP using Laravel framework) and move to ERPNext.

The company is in the business of rending out electronic equipment from currency note counting machines, desktop PCs, servers to over head projectors, etc. to Banks and various government institutions as well as servicing them in case of failure.

As they are dealing in electronic equipment renting, repairing, replacing, etc. they have a very large number or parts and almost all parts have Serial numbers attached to them. Currently there are 1.6 million parts or items.

Their user base is also very large. As on date they have around 10k users who log into the system and perform various activities on daily basis. Just the repair requests on daily basis are around 8k.

Their ERP is running on a server which has 40 CPU + 160 GB RAM.

Can ERPNext handle such a huge data and number of users?

If anyone has first hand experience of using ERPNext with such a large set of data please share your experience here.


@yogeshvachhani Hello Yogesh,
Yes. There are businesses I am aware of that are operating in each of the areas and/or capacity that you mention but not one that’s doing all of those in combination that I am aware of. This would be a particularly large implementation, measured by users, items or resource usage.
Running ERPNext configured on a VM as a single failure point would not be good and I would recommend that you distribute the runtimes and databases to multiple servers. If you looking for technical help with this, myself or several other consultants can assist.