Can ERPNext manage this type of senario


I would like to know if this is possible in ERPNext.

When we buy product from our vendors through distribution the price the customer will receive if they are a large customer can be different for different customers for the same product.

So if I purchase item1 for customer1 at the same time as I would item1 for customer2 the cost of the items can be different.

This is not usually an issue but if customer1 has salesperson1 and customer2 has salesperson2 I have found that depending of which customer gets preferential pricing that salesperson is loosing commission cause our sales rate is normally based on % of cost.

eg: I can buy item1 for customer1 for 1000 and I add 10% markup which eventually is sold to customer1 for 1100,
I can buy item1 for customer2 for 1500 and again sold for 10% markup which eventually is sold to customer2 for 1650.

if I buy these items at the same time I see in ERPNext the valuation is placed at 1250.

salesperson 1 now makes a loss on the sale while salesperson2 is make more then is deserving…how do I manage this correctly in ERPNext?

Awaiting your feedback…thanking you in advance.


So playing around with ERPNext more I noticed that I can have the stock receipted into a different wharehouse to maintain the cost for that special pricing customer. GREAT!!!

But i think a nice feature would be if in the same wharehouse the cost is maintained and average based additionally on the batch number…but at this stage im not yet sure what the batch number is used for.

In our current erp when ever the receipt is done its given a lot number autogenerated and when delivering the stock we pick that lot number. In this way the “exact” cost is used even if there is existing stock with different value in store. I think this might be a simple config as its already doing so with different wharehouse, not sure if its possible to add with some kind of config.

But for now we can use different wharehouse to payout the comms for salesperson correctly. 1 step closer to going live :wink:


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