Can ERPNext put opening customer balances

Is there a way to inlucde opening customers balance . I need to over 300 customers with opening previous balances how best can l import them with thier balances.

@francis1 you need to add journal entries for that. This is what we do here. This way we can have Receiveables and payables.

ok thanks , so do l have to do it manually in the system ? if l have 1000 customers l have to do 1000 journal entries?

No you can import journal entries. =

Step1: Import customers (you will have system generated customer IDs).
Step2: create journal entries excel file based on new customer IDs
Step3: Import journal entries

Ok thanks , how do l do step 2 , am trying to export data and have selected update existing data and its only exporting one customer that l have only done a journal entry with before

also is it possible to add a custom field showing opening balance or unpaid amount

When you finish importing the customers, export them again to excel file and use the IDs from newly generated excel file.
Export template of journal entries table and fill the records against newly generated customer IDs