Can ERPNext run in this server?


We are a small business of 3 people with around 100 products and 100 sales per month. Don’t have money to invest for the $300 SaaS plan. So we would like to host ERPNext on our own servers. Our existing host is E2E Networks. Wanted to know which plan of theirs can run ERPNext smoothly?.

Link to E2E site-

Open for other hosts as well

Thanks in advance.

@This will work fine.

 VPS-SSD-A-S ₹ 679 (₹ 777.46 with taxes) 
 VCPU OS: Ubuntu
 Dedicated RAM: 2 GB
 Disk Space: 30 GB SSD
IP Address: 1 

We are using same configuration.
Check whether they are offering Free unlimited Bandwidth or not.
Some VPS provider charge very high for consuming bandwidth.
Also check there backup, snapshot and restore plan to be more safe.

They are offering unlimited bandwidth. What about their basic plan?. Can that handle ERPNext?.

For basic plan, you need to create swap memory.
I don’t have experience with this.
May be it will work for small team size(up-to five user)

We are just three people. All of us people will not use ERPNext together. I would love to hear from the developers.

You will have to setup swap of about 2gb for the 1gb ram server.

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